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Thursday, January 13, 2011

OMG (that means "Oh My God" mum and dad and anyone over 25!)

Big shout out to you all.  WOW...10,000 hits on this page!  Who'd have thought we were that interesting?  Mind you, mum and dad probably count for at least 9000!  Thanks to you all for taking the time to take a peek at our lives.  It has be quite cathartic writing a lot of this stuff down so maybe it is a win/win?  It is sometimes hard to know unless people comment if I am not writing to myself, so thanks for stopping by.  Feel free to leave comments. I love to find out more about who is reading and what brought you  to here.  Stay tuned for the next exciting adventure....or it might be something quite boring...who knows?


  1. Dear Dani

    Thank for sharing your adventure, i am a regular visitor of your blog, expat in Japan, French-Vietnamese born in Saigon.
    All the bests to your family. Cheers!


  2. Hey T, thanks for visiting! I'm glad to give you a taste of the homeland! You were born in an amazing city which we feel blessed to call home!


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