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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The big Four Oh!

 Meat pies and coke for breakfast on Sunday can only mean one thing in the Moggy household....a big Saturday night!  Yesterday I celebrated the 19th anniversary of my 21st birthday.  A milestone that I am happy to achieve due to the fact that I am exactly where I want to be.  Amazing husband and kids, fabulous family and friends and "living the dream".  After a throughly wonderful morning full of gifts and fun time with the family, Nick whisked me off for cocktails and dinner only to surprise me with a gathering of my favourite people in HCMC.  It can be a little sad celebrating millstones away from home but thanks to Nick and my gorgeous new friends here in Saigon, I had a blast.  Delicious food, good wine, amazing cocktails and great company.  To everyone back is Aus, thanks for your birthday wishes and sorry I could not celebrate there with you.  You were all in my thoughts.  To all of your lot that gave me the fright of my life last night, I will never trust you again (but more importantly thanks for a wonderful evening!)  And to my amazing husband.  You are simply....the best!

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  1. Not fair I'm not there.

    And can I just say Nick is jelly in your presence - nice way to be after so many years!!!


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