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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Girls Morning Out

Scarlett and I spent some quality mother daughter time together this morning.  Bit of a whirlwind trip around the city to get some odd jobs done.
Ready and rearing to go.

After a spot of breakfast at Au Parc we headed off on a bit of a walk.  You see these bunches of balloons everywhere around the city.  Usually attached to bikes, the guys ride around enticing the kids to buy.  Sometimes I think it looks like they might take off!

Poked our heads into the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral in Central Saigon to see what was happening.

Doing a bit of bride spotting.  As I have mentioned before, there are usually at least 5 or six couples having their wedding shots done around the Cathedral.  The kids love keeping an eye out for them and doing a head count.  The most we have seen in one trip was 7, and that was only on one side!  Scarlett call them the "princesses" and Notre Dame is the "Castle"

Notre Dame

We gave walking up after a while.  Too hot today.  Grabbed a cab and headed for the market.

Scarlett buying lollies at the market.  Nothing like a hit of sugar to keep you going.  I also buy all of my fresh nuts from this lady.  I swear they are so delicious.  I think perhaps the nuts we get in Aus have been sitting around too long and are not as fresh as we think they are.  These burst with flavour.  Yumm.

Christopher had a pair of quite expensive sandals that we  bought in Aus, break.  One whole side just came out of the sole.  Rather than throw them, I took them to the guys I see sitting in the street that the market is on.  They set up shop every day and seem to fix things like shoes, handbags and belts.  Not only did this guy fix the broken one, he took them both and totally re-stiched them.  They are now good as new.  Grand total of $1.50!  The smiles and conversation while he did them was free!

Thirsty work this shopping caper so we had to stay hydrated.  This is just at a little table someone has set up outside the market.  2 drinks cost us one dollar.  The last few days the sun has made an appearance again.  It's nice to have it back after so long!

We then went to a tailor to get some sewing done for a hat that Scarlett will be wearing to school next week for a fundraiser.  Headed home via "Crumbs" for a cheese and bacon pull-apart and some sausage rolls for the boys at home. I love getting all those little odd jobs done.  It can be a bit of a pain sometimes to have to go to so many different places but we really enjoyed our morning together.

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