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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Expat Princess Part.....oh there are so many I've forgotten!

Let me just reiterate....this is HER not me!  You won't find us complaining about the lifestyle we lead here. We are very lucky and we know it.  One thing that is a bit different from home though is finding things to keep the kids amused.  I can shamefully say, my 3 year old has been to the local spa place for a manicure pedicure.  Honestly, it's safer and cleaner than the park and she supplies no end of amusement to the staff.  Win/Win yes?  Well, princess is now high maintenance.  What does your average aussie kid do with a paint brush at school?  Why paint a picture of course.....ahhhh.....wrong...not this one!
Oh look, paintbrush!  Time for a manicure!

Not sure if she pushed the cuticles back but she did a very thorough French polish.

But wait!  What about the feet I hear you ask.  Yep, into the water aka foot spa for a clean before their polish.

I did not know whether to laugh or cry as she promptly turned around and plonked them in the sandpit behind her for a bit of exfoliation before a rinse back in the "foot spa".  Oh Lord, what have we done?  On a positive note, maybe she could do mine for me for free!

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