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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Well...they've gone!

And just like that...their adventure was over.  I will mainly just post a heap of pics from mum and dads visit as they are much more eloquent than my words.  I just wanted to say, as I know they will be reading, how proud we were (are) of them.  This trip was a really big deal.  They went through the rigmarole of injections, booking agents, visa applications all with a great attitude.  They left behind some pretty serious commitments, both human and feline, to come and visit us.  They had never been to Asia and really never travelled on their own.  They came with exactly what we suggested, an open mind and a sense of humour (oh ok...and a bit of cash!). To be honest, I was fully expecting them to just "survive".  To our amazement and joy, they actually saw why we love this place (ok, sometimes loathe....but I digress).  They ventured out to markets, visited museums, ate some great food, drank some wonderful cocktails, did some touring, hoped on boats and in taxi's and revelled in what is the vibrancy of this town.  All of this was done with good humour and an open mind.  If you give this city a little bit of your heart you will be rewarded ten fold.  They were here one week and formed some lovely relationships with the staff here where we live and of course with the wonderful Quyen.  All of this not even mentioning how wonderful for us and the kids to see them.  Quiddy would hop into their bed each morning for a cuddle (I offered money for them to move in...we got to sleep).  It was great to see their relationship with the kids pick up exactly where it left off.  It was like they saw each other yesterday.  So I have just dropped them at the airport and hope they have a great flight.  I am sure the last week will hold some great memories for them.  We know it will for us.  Well done to you mum and dad.  Thank you for coming so far out of your comfort zone to visit.....we love you. XX
Mum  and dad waiting for the ferry to Vung Tau.

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