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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vung Tau with the Family.

Crazy cats.

Our old Russian hydrofoil to Vung Tau.  Not pretty but a really great ride!
They almost got it right.
Scarlett on the river.
Imperial Hotel Vung Tau.  Very Nice!
Frescos at the Imperial
Lobby Bar
Nick baby sat while I took mum and dad out.  This is what I came home to.  One sleeping boy...and.........
This cheeky thing.  Quite a large bed really, but apparently........
not big enough to share with a 3 year old.
Battlefield tour around Vung Tau, Long Tan and Nui Dat.
While they were doing this mum and I were at the pool drinking Pina Colada's.  Suckers.  Will post pics later.
A sobering sight.  The battlefields of Long Tan.  Apparently the rain was so hard during the battle the red dust (mud) splashed up a couple of feet.

The air strip at Nui Dat.  It is now the main and only road through the Nui Da village.
Night stalls along the promenade.
Mum overcoming her morbid fear of heights.
Yes, housekeeping...mummy wants some champagne.
I had the BEST cheese gnocchi here.  I would come back to Vung Tau just for that!
Long Phat indeed.....
Mum wearing Alby (her dad, my grandfather and guardian angels)'s favourite flower, the frangipani.
Back on the hydrofoil to Saigon


  1. I really like Vung Tau and the 'fast boat' ride (as our VT friends call it) is the only way to go! It looks like a great time was had by all...and may I say, what beautiful eyes your kids have. Your daughter sleeps just like one of mine used to ;) possibly still does?

  2. Thanks Snap....they are great kids. We really did enjoy Vung Tau. It really polarises people and we had heard awful things. We were pleasantly suprised. The boat was so easy. We will definitely do it again. And yes, you put your fragile bits in peril sleeping with a 3 year old :)


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