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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Villa FB

For those of you who may perhaps be under the illusion that Ho Chi Minh is a "hardship" posting, the following should take care of that!  Date night last Friday Nick took me to Villa FB.  Wow!  It is in district 1 but seriously could be in any sophisticated city in the world.  For a couple of hours it certainly did not feel like we were in the middle of Saigon.  The stunning Villa has been beautifully restored with a modern black and white theme and incredible features added including the "water cube" that we ate in. Not only is the effect awesome when eating within what felt like a waterfall, the aircon was lovely! While by no means cheap by Vietnamese standards we spent about $100 for the 2 of us including French Champagne.  The food was really delicious and plenty to choose from.  The presentation was stunning and the staff very attentive and friendly.  We will be back for sure!

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