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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Man Flu

Yes, it's been very quiet here.  My man has a nasty case of the dreaded "Man Flu".  This ailment,  known as "homo-influenza" is a mans ability to turn a sniffle into flu and a headache into a migraine and has long been a source of irritation to wives and girlfriends.  But man flu may not be a myth after all thanks to research showing that men really are the weaker sex.  Researchers found that women have a more powerful immune system than men thanks to their hormones.  That being said, he really is a sick as a dog.  Has been to the Doc who has ruled out Dengue Fever but there has been no signs of improvement this morning.  He has literally been in bed for 2 days.  For the record, this photo is not him....but it may as well be.

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