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Friday, June 4, 2010

My Zen Place

Those who have followed our previous blog about our adventures in Cambodia may remember me going out with Mr Phea to buy some original art. I finally found some stunning oils painted by quite a famous local artist in Phnom Penh. You will probably also remember that Mr Phea informed me that the 60USD I paid for them was very expensive and that was a months work for him...but that is a whole other blog! So, as we knew we were coming to Vietnam before we left Cambodia, I left them rolled up to get framed when we arrived. Nick had never even seen them. Nick has just gotten back from a few days in, you guessed it, Cambodia, and I had them framed and hung while he was gone. They are very special to me as it will remain one of my fondest memories spending the morning with Mr Phea searching the city for something that grabbed me. A real moment in time. You can imagine my delight at how wonderful they now look up on the wall here. Nick absolutely loved them. To top it all off, he bought me back as a gift from Cambodia the most MAGNIFICENT hand carved stone buddha head. So my little Zen corner is complete, almost. I want to raise up stone Buddha a bit and get some candles happening, but for now, I just sit there and reflect and remember and count my blessings, ignore the screaming children, and, (just for a minute or two anyway), I am at peace.

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