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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Time is Starting to Fly!

Oh my goodness....time is really starting to fly by now. When I look at the date I realise just how close we are to leaving! All seems to be going to plan so far with the house being rented and the car being sold. We are yet to find a new owner for the motorbike but Nick does not seem too worried so I guess I won't be either. The lady came out from the movers that are going to shift our belongings to Saigon. We have an allowance of 20 cubic metres but will be using no where near that. The only bad news was that I had bought a few things like chocolate and Vegemite that I had wanted to take over and she has told me no food allowed! I just took out some clothes and shoes from my baggage to be checked it because when it comes to priorities, chocolate beats shoes every time! N is away again but the kids have once again taken it all in their stride and seem to be coping fine. He comes home for 2 nights next weekend and they are looking forward to that. The weather has cooled here so I am doing my best to make the most of it as it appears things are heating up over there. I get the feeling that the next 19 days are going to go so fast!

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