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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sister Marguerite Nguyen

Here she is folks! My cheeky Vietnamese language teacher, Sister Marguerite Nguyen. If you have been following the posts you will recall that she is a nun with a fantastic sense of humour and such a nice lady. She is a Salesian sister and holds a Masters of Education as well as a Diploma of Social Science. She teaches at Latrobe University and well as the CAE in Melbourne. What you most likely don't know is that she is an amazing self taught artist. Check out some of her work above. She only started painting a few years ago she tells me. I can only imagine what she will produce over time. These paintings are truly exquisite. The detail breathtaking. She paints in her spare time and then tries to sell them to support various causes including Haiti which her latest exhibition is geared toward. I'm afraid out of a 2 hour lesson we spend at least 30 minutes of it just discussing life which has just been lovely. She could talk the leg off a wooden chair that one. Her teaching style is very patient but she can also be a hard task master. She has decided that I have an aptitude for the language and as such has been teaching me at double the pace she usually teaches. Needless to say my head is spinning but she seems happy with the results so far. (I still think I'm shit but I'm hardly going to say that to a nun am I?)

So there she is. What an amazing little lady. If anyone is interested in original art she is always looking for buyers for her work. Just let me know. She insists that I take the details of all of her family in HCMC who will be there for us if we need them. Nothing like a bit of divine intervention and I feel blessed to have had a chance to get to know such an exceptional and talented lady. Xin Chao Co!

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