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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Missing Daddy

I have to admit this made me a little sad this morning. This is how I found Scarletts bed, complete with family photo of Daddy. It was photo that used to be at the creche. When I picked her up from creche yesterday it was in her bag. I did not think any more of it until I found it in her bed this morning. Sometimes I get so caught up in the madness that I forget about the collateral damage. She is fine though. Each morning she asks where he is, each morning I say "In Vietnam" and each morning she says "STILL?". I do think that Nicks heart my have had to be superglued after Christopher asked him to work faster so he could come home soon. They either miss him a lot or are sick of ME? That being said, they understand what is going on and that we will all be together soon. The Easter Bunny is bringing chocolate AND daddy this year. I don't know which one we are more excited about!

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