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Friday, March 19, 2010

I don't get it!

I just don't get it!
Went for a wonderful refreshing run today along my local river. All in all I think it is about a 4 km circuit and is very popular with everyone from dog walkers to fitness enthusiasts and romantic strollers. I however, huff and puff like the Little Red Caboose, hauling my ass around the river as fast as I can. Red of face, wheeze of chest...determined to lose the "pregnancy/baby" stomach that has been used as an excuse for 3 years! It's time to suck it in, literally, and do some hard work to shift some kg's.

So, what don't I get? Well, as I gasp my way around the track I am forever seeing these fabulous "Yummy Mummys" with their strollers in one hand and their Border Collie lead in the other. They look AMAZING! Now it is not that I am jealous but I just want to know how they do it. They certainly do not do it by running. These women are barely walking....too slow to call it a stroll even! They natter away on their phones with their gorgeous little babies that could not be over 3 months old. Man, when my kids were 3 months I was lucky to be out of my pj's by midday! Ahh....I hear you say, perhaps it is the breastfeeding. Now I fed both of my kids until they were one, waiting patiently for the so called weight loss miracle of breastfeeding to kick in. Let me tell you, the only way I was going to loose weight is if I cut the damn things off. They weighed at least 5 kilos each!

So it will remain a mystery to me, as I watch them in their matching lycra, matching hat, matching stroller complete with matching healthy bouncing friends, do the "walk". If only all things in life were as easy as that appears to be. Meanwhile, I'll squeeze into my 6 year old leggings, try to find a top that is not stained, shove the "weapons of mass destruction" into something that will stop them from bouncing too much and taking out someones eye, and mix it with the best of them. Good on you ladies I say......I just want to know your secret!


  1. I feel your pain, it would be nice to know the secret. :)

  2. This is the optimist along with the cynic in me thinking maybe just maybe they are KIDDY-walkers, you know like dog walkers only glam(er) ;) Or maybe they have staff keep the homefront managable like so many of the yummy mummies here in Dubai. I just don't want to believe it is possible to have manicured nails, coiffeured hair & be perky with a newborn in tow.


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