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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Definition of Frustration

1, Australia Post only willing to redirect my mail for 1 year. I then have to COME IN to do it again.
"Can I do it over the phone?"
"No, you have to come in in person"
"So I have to come home from Vietnam to get my mail redirected?"
*Blank stare*
For goodness sake!

2. When you are waiting for one more person to come and do a quote so you can put your whole insurance claim in. And waiting...and waiting...and waiting. Come ON already!

3. When you are soooooo tired but can't sleep and resort to physically hitting yourself in the head. (OK, I sound a little crazy here, I'm not)

4. When half or your insurance claim photos are on the camera that is no longer working due to getting wrecked in the rain while taking photos for insurance!

5. When trying to figure out whether to suspend or downgrade my private health insurance, I get redirected from HBA, who direct me to Medicare, who direct me to the Tax Department who direct me to get the picture.

6. When taking young Miss Scarlett to the shops she needs to go to the toilet every 6.5 minutes and you can't say no because she is being toilet trained. I'm sure she just likes using the dryer in there!

7. When you are hanging for some Thai takeaway and the minimum delivery order is $30 and the kids won't touch the stuff.

The list goes on....but I wont'. I'm sure you have all had enough, as have I. You know what though? a few weeks life will be a whole lot easier in so many ways. Especially as the Easter Bunny is bringing me a husband for Easter!

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  1. But will the husband be chocolate-coated? Thinking of you. Can't wait until you're in my clutches next month (albeit sticky, chocolate clutches). x


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