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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Yersin Market - not your average market!

Cho Dan Sinh, or Yersin Market (named after the street it sits on), is not your average market!  If you are an Aussie you will understand what I mean when I say it is kind of like Aussie Disposals on steroids.  Want to get all the good gear for a camping trip....head here.  Want to find "real" war is your market.  Want to mobilise an army in full gear...look no further!  I took a wander through the other morning.  I am nothing if not versatile, any market is a good market to me!

I ended up buying these cool blank dog tags from this lady.  I shall get them engraved by the guy on the corner of Pasteur and Le Loi and use them as suitcase tags.  She had an astounding array of torches, lasers, compasses etc.

Quite deceptive from the outside, the place is a huge bunker which appears to take up nearly a whole block.  Even then, it spills out into the surrounds of District 1.

Need some crime scene tape, they got you covered!

The old memorabilia I assume would be a bit hit and miss with regards to it's authenticity.  I have no doubt some of the stuff is real but I do remember reading a statistic once that stated there were more dog tags here than serving personal.  

Whilst the dog tags might be a bit iffy, I'm pretty sure some of the other little gems are the real deal.  I mean, why would you reproduce foot powder?

Vietnam LOVES a uniform!

Once you have stocked up on you metal detecting wand to satisfy your inner airport security guard and picked up that night vision gear and gas mask you have been meaning to buy, head to the other section.  There you will find just about every sort of tool and device that any bloke (or chick) could desire for their handyman needs.

It's very low key shopping.  The vendors pretty much leave you alone.  When it's time for a snack there is a small kitchen that was whipping up a feast as I went past.

There are a few shops like this one that I pottered around in for about an hour.  Old photos and postcards, lamps, coins, medals, military tools and the like.  Very eclectic mix.  It's fascinating stepping back in time.   One mans trash is another mans treasure so they say.

They also have a great range of electrical appliances.  A lot of it is industrial sized but I may even head back to get one of those industrial strength blenders for $90.  Just like the ones you see in all of the juice bars.  I think this place is definitely worth a look if you have time.  I love just wandering through and chatting to the vendors and seeing what is out there and what is left over from the past.  Yes, you can even buy the kitchen sink.

Yersin Market
104 Yersin
District 1

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