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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Finally - Some Real Greek Food in Ho Chi Minh City!

Thank God.  Or I guess I should say thank the Greek God Zeus!  Finally, some authentic Greek food in Saigon!  There are a smattering of "Mediterranean" restaurants around but personally I find them sub par when it comes to Greek food.  I am yet to find a decent Greek salad in this town.  2 spanish olives and 2 tiny bits of fetta cheese and LETTUCE does not a Greek salad make!
I heard online that a new Greek place had opened so on Sunday with the kids in tow we decided to check it out.  Situated in the Back Packing area of town we grabbed a cab and were there in less than 10 minutes.
Calling it a "restaurant" may be stretching it a little.  I would say it was more of a souvlaki bar.  Mind you, that suits us just fine.  There is some bench seating as well as two small tables if you feel like dining in.  If you don't feel like dining in, the whole menu is available take away and you can now order online through vietnammm.

This lady and her Greek husband (i'm shocking with names, sorry.  I did ask and have now totally forgotten!) set up business 5 weeks ago and are very happy with how things are going.  I'm not surprised.  It was a gaping hole in the dining scene here.  If I could cook I would have set one up too!

Cheap!  Really cheap!  The kebabs are only around 30,000VND each.  Obviously the salads etc are a little more expensive as he imports the oil and the cheese.

Not a lettuce leaf in sight.  Now THAT'S what I call a greek salad.  The dressing was obviously made with a lovely imported olive oil and the whole salad was fresh and crisp...and large!

For me, the best part of the meal.  The Greek owner/chef has not tried to fancy things up.  If you have been to Greece, you will know exactly what this tastes like.  Creamy, garlicky, smooth....divine!  I LOVED it.  As for the pita?  It is home made.  They make 3 batches a week.  It is quite thick with a dusting of salt on the top.  The ones served with the dip were crunchy and he offered to heat them up again as they cooled during the meal.

And the fantastic Gyro Kebap.  Nick got chicken and I got pork.  This pita was softer.  I don't know about you but I hate it when a have a souvlaki and the sauce just drips everywhere and it all falls out the bottom.  Not even close.  This really was very very nice.

There are quite a few more things on the menu that we shall be trying.  Although the menu is not extensive, what they do, they do well.  We will definately be eating here again.  Even though you can oder online or via phone, try to go in and say hello.  They are a lovely couple and I'm sure would very much appreciate your support and patronage.   Now, if someone could just open another one with blue and white chequered table cloths, a mural on the wall, a lamb rotating on a giant spit, some saganaki, squid grilling away, some bouzouki music softly playing the the background and a half a kilo of wine....ahhhh  

Greek Souvlaki - Gyros
166 Cong Quynh
Pham Ngu Lau
Ph 08 38373253 - 08 38373248

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