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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Souvenirs from Saigon

As I have mentioned previously, the time has come for me to start to pick up all of those things that I have always said I would get "before we leave".  After three years the list is bigger than I anticipated!  I have posted some photos of some water puppets that I bought that shall take pride of place back in Melbourne.  So what else, when I look at it, will immediately transport me to the streets of Vietnam?

As strange as a souvenir as this may seem, for me, it will always and forever remind me of Vietnam.  These scales are EVERYWHERE!  And I mean EVERYWHERE! Every time you make a purchase from anything other than a shop, out they come.  They come in various sizes and they are in amazing states of disrepair around town.  I swear some of them look like they have been around forever.  I have no real intention of using them as scales back home, more like a fruit bowl in the kitchen.  These cost me 200,000VND (about $10) and I love them.  Keep your conical hat....for me, THIS is Vietnam!


  1. Hi! This was such an awesome post! I love the idea, and I'm definitely going to get one too. I see them all over, on the streets, but where do you actually go to buy one?

    1. Hi Tanya! They come in various sizes. I got the middle sized one and it cost a little over 200,000vnd at BT market. It should be an accurate price because my nut lady took me around so hopefully local price. Happy shopping. Dani


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