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Monday, December 10, 2012

8 Years Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away....

 ...a youngling Jedi called Christopher was born.  With the kids being so totally nuts about all things Star Wars at the moment, choosing the theme for his party was easy!  A Star Wars party it was.  We had so much fun preparing for it and the kids really had a fantastic time.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and Christopher, I hope you had a wonderful party!

A very talented friend of ours (Ah've done it again) helped up all get in the Star Wars mood by designing this amazing poster.  I love it even though I ended up being the hairy one.
And we got in the Star Wars mood by having the A2 costume shop whip up some costumes for us.  Nick picked up the light sabres on a recent trip to Bangkok.  Scarletts hair is a $15 wig from Ben Thanh Market that I styled a la Leia and mine is half and half.  The top part of the hair is mine and I just parted it into pony tails and stuck 2 little fake hair buns on each side.

All of the kids (and even some of the parents) really got into it.
...and into each other.  It was always gunna happen.

The first game we played was sending the Millennium Falcon home to the Death Star.

We had this kind of hover football that Nick stuck a picture of the Millennium Falcon on to.  You then had to push it so that it landed into the "landing port" of the Death Star.  Kind of like hurling I guess.

Fun for all ages!

We had some large characters from the movie printed up and we stuck them behind the curtains.  We played a game where you had to guess by the clues who it was.  My kids had already seen them so they had the task of "unveiling" each character.

Yoda was there of course.

Along with Anakin.

Every party needs a Storm Trooper.
Nick made a R2D2 out of some cardboard, a ballon and the rubbish bin!
Young Jedi Knights need their food for energy so we came up with some themed goodies to keep them going.

Lemonade with green food colouring became Yoda Soda.
I decorated the table with some cheap fabric from Ben Thanh market and sprinkled it with stars from the paper shop in Pasteur St.
Good old Crumbs on Trung Dinh supplied the Solo Sausage Rolls.
..and the Padawan pies
Nick simply outdid himself with his Yoda Melon.

The cake was from Simran. (just Google them, they have a website).  It cost about $30.  I just had to email her with the photo I wanted and she takes care of the rest.  Added bonus...the chocolate cake is to die for!

Quyen and Scarlett made chocolate balls and I put them in little patty trays that I got upstairs at the import shop Thai Hoa on Ham Nghi
I also got the cardboard patty containers from there and the star pegs from the paper shop on Pasteur.  I used a star shaped biscuit cutter to cut out the sandwiches.

I picked these along with some paper plates and napkins on Ebay.

Sent over by Nicks dad, these vintage Star Wars characters from Nicks childhood were perfect for Nerf Blaster target practice.

The force was strong with this one.

The next game was a spin on pin the tail on the donkey.  Instead of a tail, we used a laser pointer on a life size cut out of a battle droid.

Each Padawan had 10 shots to score points by hitting various discs on the droid.  A crowd favourite.  

The usual formalities. 

Light sabre training at the Jedi Academy.

Using the force, and their light sabres, to keep balloons aloft.

Later we introduced blindfolds and still managed to get away without injury!

Jedi Master explains that anger leads to the Dark Side.

The party finale was the destruction of the Death Star.  Galactic Empire (Nick) took 2 days to construct this evil battle station using good old paper mache.

It took the budding Jedi only moments to destroy!

Perfect form


Galactic goodies a plenty.

Present time.

He REALLY liked this gift!  Can you tell?

Christopher chose to give his first ever public speech to thank his guests and to announce his 2 favourite Jedi Padawans based on ability and participation.

We had such fun.  Only problem is how are we going to top this once come May Miss Scarlett????


  1. Incredible - genius - I LOVE IT!!! SO wish we could have been there. And you all look incredible! xx

  2. What an awesome party. Dig the costumes!!!

  3. Just wondering... could you guys be any cuter?
    I just adore your family. Stay happy :)

    1. Gee...thanks. Thats a lovely thing to say. Glad it made you smile. Dani


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