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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Superstitions.  Honestly, I don't know what to make of a lot of this stuff.  My grandfather passed away last  week and as such I made a flying trip to Aus to farewell him with my family.  Speaking about it with Quyen really got me thinking.  She was explaining to me that after 3 years the Vietnamese exhume the body and kind of collect the bones and re-bury them.  Mind Vietnamese is as shite as her English so a bit may have been lost in translation.  It just got me wondering about the differences.  Obviously it is not the first time I have pondered this as being guests here we do try to be respectful of local customs etc.  A bit of internet searching came up with this:

Now some of this I can definitely see similarities.  Hats in church,....ummmm...  hats in church.  Thats about it for me.  Let me clarify I am not judging what I have no understanding of. What I really want to do..IS understand.  To me, this information is fascinating and I would dearly love to know the history behind them.  I am not even sure what I have posted from google here is accurate but I guess it  is a start.   Lately I have been lucky enough to have had some fantastic input from Vietnamese people who have stumbled across this blog.  If anyone out there knows the answers to the history of some of this stuff I would be fascinated to know.  After all, it is all about sharing information and learning  from each other.  I can guarantee you, if it fascinates me then it also fascinates countless others who want nothing more than to visit Vietnam and show it and its people respect. Basically, no-one wants to do the wrong thing but sometimes it is hard to know what the wrong thing is.  I'm also dying to know why I should not cut my fingernails and toenails at night and all about the relatives and the towels before the family visit. 


  1. Sorry to hear of your grandpa passing. My condolence to your family. As for these supers, I don't believe in 'em but mostly I don't wanna know about 'em.

  2. Sorry to hear about your grandfather.
    I'm Vietnamese and this is the first time I've heard of these 'superstitions' Some of them are just ridiculous.

  3. Your blog is great fun. Superstitions always intrigued me. I am from India, where the nail-cutting superstition is the same. To the best of my knowledge, the rationale is that the superstition comes from long long ago when people lived without the modern lighting. I am sure the risk of cutting a finger while cutting fingernails in the moonlight or (worse) starlight was very real - especially if using a knife - which is what was used during that time.


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