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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jaspas Sunday Roast

Jaspas on Hai Ba Trung offer one of our favourite things on a Sunday.  A roast lunch!  As far as I know it is the only place around that does it and it is so popular if you are planning on visiting you might want to book in advance.  As stated above, for 395,000VND (less than $20AUD) you get a huge 3 course lunch.

Slight problem with this post.  I was so hungry and it looked so good I kept forgetting to take photos.  Please feel free to use your imagination to insert photo of pumpkin soup here....
As for the roast, yummo.  Sorry , I again forgot to take a photo before I started to stuff my face.  This was the New-Zealand lamb and the stuffed pork.

Ummm....sorry...did it again.  This is what is left of my piece of Banoffee cake before I remembered to take a pic.  This is one of my favourite all time deserts in HCMC.  You can actually order a whole cake if you want one for a special occasion and they will make to order.

A great way to get my Iron fix for the week.  They still serve the kids menu for the little ones as well.


  1. Geez that looks good! Putting it on the to-do list, and waiting for much cooler weather.

    1. Hi Steve! Eat inside, get them to crank up the aircon, open a bottle of red and pretend you are in Melbourne! Mind hot is it at the moment. I'm melting.

  2. Sheridans Irish bar nearby does a good Sunday Roast too, or so I've heard (I'm a vegetarian!)

    1. Noted....on the list! Thanks Emma!


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