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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

333 Bia...or is it 33?

I wonder what year we gained an extra Ba?


  1. I've heard it was because the rights to "33" were owned by the original French company (Brasseries et Glacières d'Indochine) so when they left after '75, Sabeco had to add an additional "3". Of course this is suspect as BGI named after the company itself still retains its name.

    1. Oh cool....that really interesting! You don't happen to know where you can go to get some good bia hop do you? We loved doing that on a trip to hanoi but it seems much harder to find here. I wonder why?

    2. oops...meant Bia Hoi....damn auto correct!

    3. I would second anonymous below. That place is good and still there, though it's pretty packed most nights. It's a bit harder to find here, I guess because it's such a Northern thing.

  2. Hi Dani, last ime I was in Saigon I went to a bia hoi place on Bui Vien in the back packer area. Not sure if it's still there


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