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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Other Big Day in December

A rare known fact is that there is ANOTHER big day in December.  Just because I am not busy enough at Christmas time....Nick and Christopher celebrate their birthdays together.  We had a lovely day enjoying the Melbourne sunshine during the day at the zoo and then paying homage in the evening to that other religion in Melbourne, sport, by attending a Melbourne Derby in soccer, Hearts V's Victory.
Christophers handy work making birthday paper for daddys present.

Ok, so the d's are backwards and I'm Dani not Deni but a good effort I thought.

Scarletts pictures of our family.  Gee I hope it is Nick with the crazy hair.

Scarletts attempt at her name.  Not a bad effort I thought.

A bit of a picnic on the grass....yes....we got to sit on the grass!

Happy Birthday to my favourite boys.

and.....just because we could...a roll on the grass!

We had to have the good old Safeway mud cake.....and it was GOOD!

A birthday hug from Nanny.  Haven't had one of those for a couple of years.

On a beautiful Melbourne night...the roof was off and it was time for some grown up fun.

Out first visit to the purpose built AAMI stadium.

The Melbourne Victory fans having a little bit of a sing along.  So great to see such support for "the beautiful game" in Australia.

Not quite a fairy tale ending as our team lost but a great day in our beautiful home town.

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