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Monday, November 28, 2011

Rooftop Reno

Probably the most under-utilised area in our place is our roof terrace.  Although it has fantastic views it is a bit of a wasteland.  The chairs are highly uncomfortable and it is always very dusty.  It is not the kind of place where you would want to spend much time.  The kids have quickly adjusted to apartment living but they often talk of having a back yard when we move back home.  With the wet season finally drawing to a close we decided that we should do something about making the space a bit more functional.
How comfortable do those chairs look!

The kids would spend five minutes out here and come inside absolutely filthy.  Try as we might that floor did just not want to stay clean.

So...what to do?  We set ourselves a budget and thought about how to make it somewhere where we could not only spend time as a family but also an area for entertaining or just hanging out with friends.  Drumroll please...............

TA DA!!!

Amazing what a difference a new outdoor setting and some fake grass can make!

We also invested in one of those fabulous industrial size fans.  On full power it almost blows you off the roof but on its lowest setting it provides a much needed breeze to cool us down.
The cushions on the couches are totally waterproof and the grass drains off and dries very quickly after some rain.

We are really pleased with our work.  We spend so much more time up here now.  As the sun sets we pop on some mellow tunes and settle down with a cold drink in our little oasis while the honking and humming of Saigon drifts up from below.


  1. That looks great, and a whole lot different from when we were standing on it during a rain storm.



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