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Monday, November 14, 2011

International Week

z It is international week at the kids school this week.  A much anticipated event each year where the kids celebrate the world and learn a little more about it.  We tend to struggle a bit when it comes to the old national costume.  Just ask our Miss Universe contestants!

Loving the sheepskin high heels.  Love to see her crutch some sheep in those babies!

I don't even get the concept of this one.
I actually don't mind this one...FOR THE KIDS...not for Miss Universe.  She looks like a Baywatch extra!

So this is how the Moggys interpret being Australian.
Doesn't get much more true blue than AFL footy.  Here is my little tiger with a ridgy didge Sherrin.

Scarlett was an Australia Zoo zookeeper with her cork hat to keep the pesky flies at bay.  She even took her own echidna.
While it is no where near as stunning as a Vietnamese Aa Dai or a Korean Hanbok, it does sum up a little of what this family loves about our great country.  I will be taking meat pies in for the kids to eat on Wednesday....mustn't forget the dead horse! (That is a riddle for all of you non aussies......can you figure it out?)


  1. Ausie's meat pie made of horse meat???

  2. Ewww! "Thankfully not but I won't leave you in suspense. It's rhyming slang for sauce. My son and husband smother most things in a coating of good old Heinz! I think it is against the law in Aus to have a pie without sauce!


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