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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Capital H

Hanoi.  The Capital of Vietnam.  It is a city that tends to polarise people and Ho Chi Minhians love to place the people from "the north" into their own special category.  I hear it all the time.  The people from "the north" are different.  Not as friendly.  The food is different.  Too much sugar, they cry!  Well it was time for the Moggys to check it out for ourselves.  Nick and I have been to Hanoi on numerous occasions over our years of travelling but neither of us can recall being there after 2000.  We were pretty sure a lot had changed.  But just how much, we did not know.  I will mostly let the pictures do the talking for this 3 day jaunt.  We had an amazing time. We came home Sunday exhausted but happy.  Sit back and enjoy the ride.
Up bright and early to catch our flight.  Found ourselves with plenty of time to spare so shelled out $15 each to use the lounge. (Kids free) 
Not a bad way to start the morning.

Beats crappy plastic chairs and trying to amuse the kids who are usually bored out of their brains and continually asking "Are we leaving now?"

About 1.40hrs later we were there.  We stayed at Essence Hotel in the middle of the old Quarter and had arranged for them to pick us up ($18).  Took about 40 minutes from the airport to the hotel where we ditched our stuff and went for a walk.
Essence was amazing.  At approx $70 a night it was a bargain.  They had even left balloons on the beds for the kids.  The location was great and the service unbelievable.  Can highly recommend.

Not why did he cross the road but how!

The stunning St Josephs Cathedral.

It's thirsty work so we needed to stop for some liquid refreshments.

Burning lucky money in the hopes of a productive day.

These beautiful cards stole my heart.

Definitely one of the things I will lug with me back to Aus when we finally come home.  I just love them.  No idea what I will do with it but know I can't live without one.

The boys loved this car.

We did what all responsible parents do and took the children to the infamous "Hanoi Hilton" prison.

Although temping we actually took them out again. (No mum, we did not take them in the scary rooms so they were fine)

We then meandered over to the lake where everyone was doing their favourite activities.  Chatting, exercising, reading, eating and just chillin'.

Time to stop for more refreshments and a sugar hit to keep us going.

Wandered back through the streets to the hotel to find a couple of cyclos to take us on a tour of the Old Quarter.

Add caption

This photo makes me laugh.  We rode around for an hour and apparently Nicks driver was singing softly the whole way.  Scarlett proceeded to fall asleep and missed the whole thing.  We paid $5 for each cyclo for an hour.

Does not wake up well.

But soon happily enough eating french fries with chopsticks.

....and who know Buddha liked Coke?
Stayed tuned for day 2......our journey to Halong Bay.

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