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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Write Stuff

Le Loi St in the heart of District one is the street to go to to get all of your art supplies.  There are dozens of shops selling everything from canvases to paint brushes.  Sometimes you might have to dig around a little to find what you are looking for as they are literally stuffed full of all sorts of wonderful surprises.  If you are like me and have atrocious hand writing (I blame being left handed!) and are too scared to write on your party invitations, this guy has got you covered.
He usually sits just outside Fahasa Book Store.

With his trusty little box that is full of the tools of his trade he churns out the most exquisite calligraphy.  Just bring your invitations and a list of invitees and your friends will all think you are terribly talented.  In this day and age where the art of the hand written invitation has been all but lost to email, it is a joy to see a true artist at work.


  1. Great find! How much does he charge?

    I'm left handed but I blame my awful handwriting now due to lack of practice. It is so much easier to type! :D

  2. Unfortunatley I didn't ask :(


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