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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We are back!

Hi everyone!  The Moggys are back and boy did miss Vietnam.  Quiddys operation was a great success and he is already hearing better out of the ear that has been operated on.  As nice as it was to visit Melbourne it was great to come home to all of our things and settle back into a routine.  The kids sleep patterns are adjusting slowly but as they have one more month of school holidays there is no great rush.  I am on a  fitness kick to shed the 5kg's I put on whilst away. (unfortunately not a typo....5kgs!!!)  It is great to get back exercising again even though I am pretty sore and sorry.  Hopefully will get back into the swing of blog writing again and can regale you with tales from the Nam....when I have a chance to do something interesting.  It really is nice to be back!
and I am glad to see she has not lost her sense of humour! 

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