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Friday, July 1, 2011

Update re the Melbourne Madness

Hello my blog friends!  Greetings from beautiful Melbourne.  Just wanted to let you know that my sons ear operation appears to have gone well.  In that amazing way that kids do, he has bounced back beautifully and is one happy little boy.  He is still restricted with his levels of exertion so as much as we are dying to go out and re discover this wonderful city, we are pretty much apartment bound for now.  Melbourne has been showing off her Winter best with bright blue skies and FRESH crisp air.  Hopefully he will get the all clear to do a bit more walking this afternoon and we can get stuck into it.  Having said that I have surely made the rains come!  So bye for now and I hope life is good wherever you are in the world.


  1. Is it the middle of Winter in Australia? From the photos, it looks just like a cool autumn day in NW (USA). As for your other good news, I'm glad that every things are OK. God bless!!

  2. Great to hear the op went well. Shirl


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