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Friday, June 3, 2011

Tortured Artist?

Now I am not really sure what 6 year old boys should be drawing so am not sure if I should be concerned. Quiddy has been coming home from school proudly clutching his artwork.  I grab it in anticipation of regaling in pictures of mummy and daddy, Quiddy and Scarlett, holding hands and running along the beach.  Alas....I get this....

What is it I hear you ask.  Well, it is war.  I don't know if it is "A" war or "THE" war, but either way, it's war.  No puppy dogs or sandcastles.  Just helicopters and bombs.  A large part of me is sure this is normal but there is a little niggling feeling that he is slightly a product of his environment.  The kids are quite obsessed with "the war".  In fact, so much so I have had to ask them on numerous occasions in the car to stop talking about it for fear of upsetting Mr Hai.  They natter on talking and pointing out buildings asking....mummy, has that been there since the war, is that why it looks broken?  We have not really spoken to them about what happened and certainly have not taken them anywhere like Cu Chi Tunnels or the War Museum.  They do go to the Palace where they ride their bikes (there is grass there...REAL GRASS!) where there are some tanks and helicopters but as far as I know that is the extent of it.  Maybe it is time to sit down, with Quiddy in particular and have a bit of a chat about war and "That One" in particular.  I fear is will raise more questions than it answers but no use living here in a bubble. Overreaction?  Wish me luck!


  1. OMG - it's brilliant! Highly observational... but brilliant!

  2. There's a Picasso's "Guernica"-esque quality to his sketch. Send him to art lessons, I'd say.


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