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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hoi An - the best of the rest.

Hoi An is famous for many things including their lanterns.  At night the city lights up with a stunning display of colour and light.  Traditionally made from bamboo and silk they come in a dazzling array of shapes and sizes.
So hard to choose!

Decision made.  Should I have guessed it would be pink?

She really can be quite feral when she puts her mind to it.

Another thing that is a must do on any trip to Hoi An is a boat ride down the river.  For 200,000VND (about 10 Aussie) your own little boat and driver will take you out to explore area.  A nice little trip and the nice cool river breeze was a welcome relief from the stifling heat of town.

Scarlett got to steer the boat under the watchful eye of our Captain.

Ahhh...the breeze!

Local fishermen (and women)

Skilfully throwing out the nets.  I have no idea how they do not get tangled in those things.

Hauling in the catch

It was great to watch!

A lot of work for not many fish but he seemed happy enough.

Even happier with some hard earned Dong in his hand and merrily on his way.

Me and my beautiful boy

Quiddy was most excited about the petrol station for boats

Our hotel, the Life Resort, from the river

The Market from the river

Our ride

Thirsty work so ice cream spiders all round

View from out lunch spot, The Cargo Club.

I hope the wind does not change Quiddy

Cannot remember the last time I ate pav.  It was sooooooo good!

What a dude!

I finally succumbed and bought some lanterns.  The are actually not hanging ones, they just sit on the table and you put a tea light candle in.  I wanted 5 but she only had four so if asked if I would not mind waiting.  I watched her create one before my very eyes.  All the while having a wonderful conversation in Vietnamese about our kids and the guy up the road who owns a gold shop and has a wife and a few girlfriends.  I love it when stuff like this unexpectedly happens.  It is moments like this that I remember why I love this country.

No bamboo in this one due to the tea light candle.  Probably a smart move.

Does this fur make me look fat?  Seriously, the fattest little dog I have ever seen!

Nice photo bomb Nick! (and is not an hallucination, Natasha is in the pool!)

Quiddy was SO good about not getting his head wet.  He is due to have an ear operation this month and we could not risk an infection.  It was SO hot I'm sure all he wanted to do was dive in like his sister.  Such a great kid!

Surfboards are so last year!

Bee..have Scarlett!

Bye for now Hoi An...and thanks.  We had a blast!


  1. Hoi An Memory Torture, Dan!!! LOVING the photos and Scar is getting more and more like you EVERY day and I want that bumble bee swimming costume!! You all look so happy and wonderful. xx

  2. Thanks for sharing your best memories... i love your blog. This pics are really amazing... keep the good work thanks again...
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  3. Thanks Motorcycle Helmet (boy... thats a great id by the way!) It's really nice to get feedback that people enjoy taking a peek at our lives. I'll be a bit quiet for a while as I have to head to Aus but I promise to be back!


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