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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tiny Dancer

Scarlett is really enjoying her ballet lessons.  Her teacher, Miss Tam, is a tiny little thing but boy does she have those kids sorted.  She is quite ruthless and blunt and takes no rubbish from the kids.  There are 12 girls in the class and to her credit, she manages to control them all.  No mean feat let me tell you.  I must admit at first I though she was a little too tough but watching the way the girls respond has made me realise that her methods are working. Interesting learning curve for me as I am used to the "Thats a really good try" school of thinking as opposed to the "no, thats not right" one.  I am surprised at how well Scarlett is listening and how long her attention span is lasting. The discipline is good for her and for now she is really loving it.  Still a bit shy but I'm sure that will pass.  It is also a bit strange that I am the only mum that sits and watches the class.  Joy of joys...last week I found out the WiiFi password so its time to take the iPad and have some quality mind numbing computer time, while watching my little ballerina of course!


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  1. Hello,
    Really been enjoying your blog! This class looks great. Could you post/pm me the address?


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