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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Prima Donna!

The beginning of the end of the "Free Time" that I may have here!  Scarlett has just taken up ballet and there is now a new Prima Donna Ballerina in residence.  She really enjoyed her first class and we went out and she chose her new dance outfit.  She was quite decisive and knew exactly what she wanted.  Her lessons are on a Wednesday for one hour.  I must say last week was quite chaotic but it was a new class and the students and parents spoke no Vietnamese or English so the poor old teacher had a tough time keeping them under control.  When I told her this was not really a suitable learning environment for Scarlett she kindly offered to swap days and put her in an established class so we can see how she goes next week. I think the discipline will be good for Scarlett but it's up to her if she wishes to continue. cute is she!!!!

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