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Saturday, March 26, 2011

I wish I had a hang over.

Now there is a statement you don't see every day! I was shopping at my local street market in Ton That Dam, D1 when I came across the most amazing looking dish.  Unfortunately I had just stuffed my face full of mushroom hotpot whilst having lunch with a fellow school mum or I would have given it a taste.  When I wake up feeling a bit dusty it is hard to beat good old chips and gravy.  I reckon this might give it a run for its money!
From what I can gather there are cubes of potato and then she throws in an egg.  Loving the old kettle boiling away too!

Throw in some chopped chives

fry it all up and....

Ta Da!!!  There you have it!  Not that I know what "it" is!  Looks like it costs 9,000VND which is about 50 cents.  I have no idea if it is some sort of traditional dish or just an enterprising lady bringing sweet relief to those who have consumed too much Hanoi Vodka.  (or Dalat wine, they are both pretty rancid!)  Either way, I know where I am heading next time I wake up with a furry mouth.  Lets just hope she has a cold coke out the back!


  1. Those are not cubes of potato. This dish is called bột chiên, or fried dough.

  2. Oh Thanks RT! Fried dough...OMG...that could possibly be even better!!! What does it taste like. I'm kicking myself for not trying it now. Thanks so much for letting me know. Any other things that you think I imply MUST try? Let me know. I'm always open to suggestions.

  3. LOL, Ok here it goes. The stuff actually taste like its looks implies; which is greasy salty savory fried dough.
    As for hangover cures, experience tells me nothing beat good bowl of beef Pho. The nutritious broth help shores you up, and the heat will make you sweat out some of the accumulated toxins. Some of the spices in the broth also act as diuretics, helping your body ridding excess alcohol quicker. When Pho's not a readily available option however, my second choice's usually a tall glass of hot sweetened condensed milk with an egg whipped in for good measure.

  4. Soooo agree on the Pho thing. That's really interesting info.

  5. As for the had me at salty. YUM


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