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Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Singapore stopover.

On a whim we decided to stop over in Singapore for 3 nights on our way to Aus.  As my friends will tell you, I should be hired by any country suffering a drought.  Rain tends to follow me wherever I go and Singapore was no exception.  Not being made of sugar we made the most of it and enjoyed our time there. Quote of the trip; Scarlett upon entering our hotel room "Oh this is nice, I'm just going to go and look for the lounge room."

Even though in Vietnam it is the year of the Cat, in Singapore they are entering the year of the Rabbit.

Ah Ronald, how I have missed you (until I ate your food then I remembered you are actually pretty crappy) and I love the fact that the kids went "Mumma, whose that?"

Nick and this kids took a tour on this amphibious bus....I went shopping!

You cannot get Guinness on Tap in HCMC.  This one cost as much as a small house but well worth it he tells me.

How did they know I was going to pack on the kg's in Aus.  I should have known this was a premonition.

Bugis St Night Market.

God this was good!

....and so was this.

.....and I am tipping, so was this.

The markets were a great place for a really delicious meal and very very cheap.  Hundreds of stalls with everything made fresh right before your eyes.

We gave the kids $10 each and they went nuts.  They struggled to spend it as everything was so cheap.

Singapore Zoo

Monkeying around with Scarlett

She has him right where she wants him.

Princess Scarlett.  God forbid she get wet.

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  1. Welcome back Moggys! Sounds like you had a great trip. See you soon.


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