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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Australia Day Part 1

A funny thing happens when you live overseas.  You become ridiculously patriotic! High five'ing complete strangers in random countries when you hear the first 3 bars of "Land Down Under" is not uncommon.  Nor is it when a tear comes to you eye when watching a Qantas add with "I still call Australia home" gloriously playing in the background.  There is a huge Aussie expat community here in Ho Chi Minh.  The knowing nod and the half smile of understanding is very common when you bump into one another, as you invariably do, watching some cricket or football game at Phattys.  Well this week we get to revel in the joy of being Australian and share the love.  It began yesterday with Auschams annual Australia Day bash on the grounds of RMIT out in D7.  The kids had a great afternoon running on the grass (Yes....running on the grass!!  I am still chuckling at a friends daughter who said when she saw it "mummy, what's that?) and eating all sorts of Aussie goodies.  We then dropped them at home with Quyen and headed back for the grownups version which involved a picnic blanket, cushions, friends, wine, fish and chips and live thumping Aussie music. A fab day. Here's to you Australia.  Sometimes, just sometimes, (ok, sometimes more than others) we miss you and are still proud that our hearts belong to to you.  To be continued....
My beautiful boy wearing his heart on his sleeve.

Scarlett has spent a quarter of her life living overseas but is as True Blue as they come.

Quiddys pet rock that he made.

Well it was hot......

The ever popular face painting.

Scarlett and her good friend Poly

New Zealand Ice Cream...close enough!

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  1. Looks like the kids had a ball! Sad we missed the afternoon fun, but the girls were pretty pleased that they got two servings of ice-cream and a dance party on the grass! Happy Australia Day/Week Moggys!


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