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Friday, December 24, 2010

The Other Big Day in December.

December is famous for a particular big day.  Yes, I hear you say,  there is a very important birthday in December.  The birth of Christ?  Well, yes, but that is not the day I am speaking of.  It just so happens that my 2 most favourite boys in the world were born in December.  And not just any old 2 days....1 huge one!  December 23 is a day of celebration in the Moggy household as Nick and Quiddy share their very special day together.  We had a huge day this year with Quidster having a party with 10 of his friends and Nick and I celebrating surviving said party with a lovely dinner at Xu.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

ps.  For those who tried to call, we apologise.  Well, SKYPE should.  Apparently the whole network went down worldwide.  Will give you all  buzz on Chrissy Day.
Sisterly Birthday cuddles

....but still a little green with all of those presents

It's a leggo phase.

My beautiful generous boy let Scarlett help open his presents.

Nick drinking his birthday card.  He so wishes it was real.

Thanks Nanny and Bob!

Presents from our Apartment complex.  Nice!

OK, I cheated.  Catering is so cheap here.  I could not make this stuff for the prices they charge.

...and it was GOOD!

A touch of Australia.

My handsome young man.

With Quyen.

These were a big hit.

With Daniel from school

His girlfriend Diya.

Georgia (or possibly McKenzie)

Just missed out on pass the parcel, Toms face says it all.  The kids were all sooooo great.

The "Balloon Lady"

Check out the monkey on the palm tree....with bananas and all!

He had a GREAT day!



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