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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Indochina Cup 2010

We recently had the pleasure of attending the Indochina Cup, held at RMIT Campus in D7.  On a side note, I still giggle that we have to pronounce it "REEMIT" as our 4 letter pronunciation does not translate.  It is an annual AFL Aussie rules tournament drawing teams from all over South East Asia.  A great day was had by all.  A few nasty injuries sustained not the least being a medi-vac of one of the Vietnam Swans to Bangkok with a nasty fractured jaw/cheek bone.  The kids went nuts running on REAL grass and Nick and I sank some Aussie beers.  Congrats to the Vietnam Swans on a great win.

A minutes silence to remember all of those lives lost in the Cambodian tragedy days earlier.

Australian Consul General Graeme Swift performing the official duties.

It's not pink, it's "man salmon".

The makings of a champion.

A fresh air shot.

Great kick Quiddy!

Not quite interested in the football, this was much more fun.

As a matter of fact, I've got it now!  (Sorry, that one is for my Aussie friends!)


  1. What a sophisticated event! LOVE IT! And love the piccies - there's a little champ there... them's AFL pins on that kid!! Go the Swans!!

  2. Ian's comment on second last photo - "Classic Moger". And he also wanted me to email this photo to his work address. Uh oh. What crazy, super bananas shenanigans is my husband plotting!?

  3. I can only imagine! To top it off....the beer was FREE!!!!

  4. Hi Dani

    So you were one of the people enjoying free beer?? The Swannies are now onto you! :)

    Yes, that was a bit of a woopsy of an oversight on our part. It took us a bit of time to realise that we didn't have anyone collecting money.

    Oh well, if you give people free beer, they'll enjoy the footy much more! So, some shrewd marketing by the Swannies there...

    That was fantastic that you came out to RMIT to see a bit of Aussie Rules in Vietnam.

    Do you live here or just passing through?

    Also, the good news re our injured player, Matt, is that he's well on the road to recovery, thankfully.

    Phil Johns
    Vietnam Swans

    PS Great photos - especially of Quiddy!

  5. Hi Phil!
    Firstly congrats to you all. Great win by the swannies! Yes we live here and if Nick was not falling apart at the seams with over exertion no doubt he would be running around like mad with you. We work at the Consulate and are kept up to date by Richard and Matt and so happy to support you guys. Great news that Matt is ok. I can still hear the sickening smacking sound of head v's God knows what. Promise to come and pay for the beers next function. Having the kids we did not last too long but it was great to see your guys in action. Cheers mate!

  6. Poor Matt did receive a sickening smack. It wasn't a good look.

    Glad to hear that you're being kept in the loop about the Swannies - and force that Nick to come out to training with Richard and Matt!

    Definitely see you all at the next function!



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