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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning in Saigon.

 Well it's a balmy 34 degrees and Saigon is recovering from Christmas Eve.  They Celebrate the night before Christmas here more than Christmas day.  We ventured out for a wander last night in the "quiet" time of pre 7pm.  The city was pumping!  The kids had a wonderful morning opening presents and seeing the family back in Australia (thank God Skype is fixed!)  Gearing up for a big lunch .  Hope you all are having a great day!

Who says you need winter for roasted chestnuts?

Notre Dame

Santa took some time out to give out some hats.

A slightly different Santa photo this year.

This guy was amazing making sculptured santas!

Dong Khoi St

Yummmm....roasted corn.

Tax Centre

Rex Hotel rooftop.

Tired and ready for bed.

After Santa had been.

Good one Santa!

Snow, biscuits, Tiger beer, carrots and PRESENTS!

Wonder whats in here? (I hope the poor little things were not scared!)

They were so good and went straight to sleep.

Their bedroom Christmas trees.

Don't you love technology?  Mum and dad got to watch the kids open some presents.

Merry Christmas nanny and bob!

Yay!  Thanks Aunty Tan!  No 3 in their favourite book series.

She is SO into Barbie

Nick speaking to the family in Aus.

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