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Thursday, November 25, 2010

International Week.

International week at the kids school turned into International fortnight!  It was a huge celebration of the melting pot of countries represented at the school.  It was bigger than Ben Hur.  With 2 kids in different classes I needed to clone myself with various concerts and food feasts taking place.  The ever wonderful Quyen spent a lot of time making lamingtons for all the kids to try.  Here are some pictures to sum it up.
A truly multicultural School.

So what is our national costume.  He looks like he's ready to watch the boxing day test.

His best buddy Diya.

My handsome Aussie Boy!

Quiddys class.

Christophers Aboriginal dot painting.

In the midst of International week we had a "make your own hat" day, fundraiser for a local orphanage.  I love how they continually expose the kids to the great value of giving  to others less fortunate.

Scarlett with Ms Grace, her teacher.

Quiddy performing with the big kids in the International Dance Extravaganza.  

Smile kids, it looks like a police line up!

The craze at the moment is paper aeroplanes.  The kids in Quiddys class have gone nuts for them.  So much so they had a little contest one afternoon.

Lets hope he does not get hired by Boeing with that design!

Wake up Scarlett!  Mummy and daddy are here to tell your class all about Australia.

Getting used to the idea.  Nice Mozzie bite on her face.

Daddy explaining all the important stuff.  The kids were great.  We jumped like kangaroos, laughed like kookaburras and slept like koalas.

Getting the kids to do some Aboriginal Dot Art on some cut out boomerangs.

They were surprisingly good at it!

Then off to make some koala masks.  Thanks Tan!

Scarletts turn to dress up.  Bindi Irwin eat your heart out.

She is such a poser.

They all look so beautiful and colourful in their costumes.

Parading for the adoring crowd.

Scarletts class

Phew, all over.  Stay tuned and I'll post some video of Christopher's dancing and Scarletts singing.  They were both great and I was very proud!

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