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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Old Stuff.

Here is a selection of photos of our morning this morning.  The usual Jaspers for breakfast, a bit of a wander before the boys got bored so we sent them off and Scarlett and I went shopping for antiques.  Lets just say if Nick knows what is good for him and the bank balance, he will never let me set foot in that street again.  It is AMAZING!  Man. I could go crazy there.  I'll let the pics speak for themselves.
This mornings Jaspers creation.

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A lunch box? (Just kidding mum)

For the life of me I cannot figure out why the guys do the lifting of the shirt thing.

Sleeper buses.


  1. You KNOW how I'd feel about this street. And oh my - that Santa clock! Brilliant!

    The kids look wonderful - want to squeeze them.

    And oh spookiness - you just this minute left a comment on my blog!!!


  2. First thing I thought when I found it was "I HAVE TO BRING TAN HERE!" We will so do it one day. Oh the treasures........


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