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Monday, October 4, 2010

Nicks new baby

Nick is a pleased to announce that he is a proud father once again.  His new baby is this Honda '67.  It's not quite the Triumph Bonnieville but he is in love none the less. Personally, I think he is insane and he is well aware that I will not be getting on the back. Mind you, I don't think it would carry both of us anyway!!  I have no problem getting motorbike taxi's here because the drivers know these roads, and the mad mad traffic, like the backs of their hands.  That being said, Nick has been riding for many years and is a safe rider.  Having lived here for six months I'm confident that he has his head around the crazy traffic and am very happy that he has a new toy.  He was beside himself the other day when he bought a whole new exhaust system for $9 and spent the afternoon tinkering away in the underground car park. At $400AUS it will be worth it for him to regain that sense of freedom that only a bike can bring.  Oh, and the horn works....he'll need it!

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  1. She's bewdiful. Our heartfelt congratulations. How many pounds and what was the length?


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