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Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Star of the Week!

You may recall that Scarlett had a bit of a regression upon our move here in the toilet training department.  Well my little trooper set out on a mission this week to become "Star of the Week" at school.  She was determined to stay dry all day at school for the whole week.  Well, those of you who know Scarlett know how determined she can be so I am pleased to announce....drum roll please....this weeks star is "Scarlett Rose!!!"  Well done my little sweet heart.  We could not be prouder.  She is soooo pleased with herself, as she should be.  As for the goggles....well.....what can I say, she is just weird.
Well done Scarlett!

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  1. You go, Scar! Goo girrrrrll!! (said with Kath accent). xx


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