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Saturday, September 18, 2010

What I've Been Up To.

Sorry blog, I have been very neglectful of you!  I hope you will forgive me.  I am back now and will try to visit you more often.  What have I been doing?  Well....
Firstly due to the generosity of my amazing husband, I had a whirlwind trip back to Aus to celebrate the wonderful Wen's 40th birthday.  Nick was quite happy to play Mr Mum for a week and I picked up a cheap Jet Star flight via Darwin.  I had a great time suprising and catching up with everyone.  The look of confusion on my poor mums face when I answered the door at my sisters place was pure gold.  Not to mention the scream emitted from Wen when I rocked up on her porch!  I loved it and thanks to all who made it happen and whose houses I crashed and beds I stole (sorry Nat!) Special thanks to Michelle for not leaving us behind in the field in the rain....the bruises are fading slowly.
Upon my return I officially started work. It is really great to be back into it.  It is just 4 hours a day which suits me and us as a family perfectly.  
So things have gotten a bit busier around the Moggy household.  The routines are shaping up nicely.  Am yet to recommence my language training but will do that soon.  My Personal Trainer saw me after my Aus trip and threw her hands in the air and gave up.  Just kidding, she has a new job and can't train me for a few months.  I have been making sure I go for a run most days straight after work.  It is so easy to set up bad habits so I want to set the good ones early.
We have the Event of the Year here tonight which is very exciting.  It is the Australian Chamber of Commerce yearly Gala Ball.  It is a "Roaring 20's" theme.  Unfortunately my costume did not quite find its way to me yet from Aus so I have had to improvise a bit.  Will post pics tomorrow when hangover allows.
So that's it in a nutshell.  Busy, busy busy but oh so happy happy happy!
My sister the had to be done!

An Aussie lunchtime feast!

Ahhhh.....sometimes I miss you Australia.  In Nicks parents backyard.

Me and the Birthday Girl.

Me mates.....

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