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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Too Cute!

I'm so proud of them!  Forgive Scarletts nose....she scratched in through the night the other night and it's quite a sight.  I still think she is beautiful!

Click Play for a snippet of the morning.
Wearing the beautiful ao dai Quyen bought her for her birthday.

My handsome prince

Hand made by the kids

The kid is never still!!!!!

Never one to shy away from the spotlight....she was in her element!

Blink and you miss her........

Waiting for his turn.

....and waiting......

The 20 watt smile.  Do you think she might be having some fun?

Enthralled by the dragon.

Finally his turn, after a high five from dad!

Can you pick which kids mum did not get the memo?

Phew...done and dusted.

Such colour.  They all looked amazing.

Scarletts class.

Eyeing off the mooncakes.

With his buddy Diya.

We were so proud of them all!

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