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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apple Guavas

Muối ớt is a popular seasoning in Vietnam. 
Just swung by the market on the way home and was seduced by a new fruit that I have never seen before.  Actually, it was a little old lady on the outside of the market who was selling them.  She was sitting on a stool with a big basket full, a set a scales and a big toothless grin.  I could not resist.  She obviously spoke no English but we managed to communicate that they were 30,000VND per kilo.  2 set me back 15,000VND or 80 cents Australian. When I got home I asked Quyen what they were.  She tells me they are called "Oi" and was not sure what the English translation was.  After a bit of a surf on the World Wide Web I have discovered they are called "apple guavas".  Apparently they are very good for you with 4 times as much vitamin C as oranges.  The taste is, as you can imagine, a cross between an apple and a guava.  It was the scent that got me though.  They are are so fragrant.  It's almost like a perfume.  I have gotten into the bad habit here of adding chilli salt to a lot of my fruit (see picture above).  It really brings out the flavour and sweetness.  So Scarlett and I dug into them this afternoon (her minus the salt) and think we are on a winner.  As Scarlett says "Whats not to love about pink fruit?"

Quyen cut then into quarters and then cut the seeds out.


  1. Becareful not to eat too much. They can give you constipation :-)

  2. Ooohhh....there is always a catch! They certainly did not tell me that on Google! Thanks!

  3. OMG - constipation or no... these I miss more than Chinese dumplings. And you know how I feel about dumplings.


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