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Sunday, September 26, 2010

2010 AFL Grand Final...Take One

Well that was freaky wasn't it?  We had a great morning AND afternoon celebrating the 2010 Grand Final.  Little did we know it was going to be take 1!!  It was a function put on by the Saigon Saints (a football club that does not play football but that could be a whole other blog).  They seem to have many members and put this function on every year.  The best part is that all proceeds go to Loreto.  

"The Loreto Vietnam-Australia Program (LVAP) is a non-profit organization headed in Vietnam by Trish Franklin. The Loreto Program supports and assists children who are disadvantaged, poor and disabled, through education training programs. There are many facets to this program: provision of education to the unprivileged, teaching of vocational skills to enable employment and shelters for orphaned children."

Not only is it a great cause but Trish is by far one of the coolest nuns you could ever meet.  She would even give my sweet Sister Marguerite a run for her money.  Loads of fun with raffles auction and some guest speaking football players.  Sorry, can't remember their names but they were premiership playing Lions.  A huge turn out and I even managed to meet the fabulous Bill Hunter, (click his name for his bio), Australian actor and all round legend. week?  Who knows.  If anyone can pull a function together in a week, this is the country to do it in.  Watch this space.

Not too shabby

Me and Me Mate, Bill.

Even over here Collingwood fans are nuts!

The 2 most passionate men in the room.  Everyone's a winner (or loser depending on your take on things)

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