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Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm Missing....

Nick and I has a discussion last night over dinner about the material things we miss from home.  Surprisingly it was quite a short conversation!  We are very content here but there are a few things that every now and again I get a longing for.
- Fish and Chips with a couple of dimmys thrown in for good measure.
- A great big juicy lamb roast with roast potatoes, peas and heaps of gravy.
- Coles online.
- Crumpets dripping with butter and vegemite.
- A great big crunchy salad roll with ham, cheese and beetroot.
- Sitting in front of an open fire with a nice bottle of Aussie red.
- Driving (just a little bit though)
- A great big glass of cold Milk. (This was Nick.  We have to drink UHT here)
- Highpoint/Puckle Street. (Sad but true.  So much variety all in one place!)
- Running the bridge to bridge on the Maribyrnong.  Or just running outside for that matter!
- Heading down to the Coastal Retreat and walking along the beach watching the sun go down.
- Surfing (Nick)
- Guinness (Nick)

Thats about all I can think of at the moment.  All of these things I can live without quite happily and I am far from complaining.  I would hate to see how long the list was of things I DON'T miss about home is.  Lets start with housework.............


  1. Dani -
    Love your blog!! I am in a very similar boat - we are new to Saigon and I am mom to 2 young girls while my husband supports the US mission here - Wanted to let you know that we were at Phatty's (Ton That Thiep Street) last night with some our Aussie and Kiwi friends - it seems to be quite a popular hangout for expats and I had really wonderful fish and chips!!! Enjoy!
    Maybe we will run into each other out for cocktails in this new city!

  2. Hi Merideth! Thanks so much for your post. It is always so nice to know that someone reads my ramblings other than the ones I make do so! We spend a bit of time at Phattys too. Was almost there Friday but ended up at the Elbow Room instead. Must try out the fish and chips at Phattys but never seem to make it past their fantastic cheese burger! If you see me come and say hi!


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