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Friday, July 30, 2010

Lac Canh...Who's have thought?

We had a bit of a surreal experience last night.  Headed over to the mainland to check out a restaurant that Nick and I fell in love with on our first trip to Nha Trang 15 years ago.  We came back once before in 2000 and it was just as good.  We never dreamed that it would still be here.  It is nothing fancy.  Just a BBQ restaurant where they bring out all of the freshly marinated meats and seafood and you cook it at your table on a little clay pot full of roasting coals.  To our surprise and delight it was still there!  Not a great deal has changed (including the prices surprisingly!)  We had beef, chicken, spring rolls, rice, bread and beers and lemonades for the grand sum of $15.  I don't think it was until Nick turned to me and said "can you believe that we were here 15 years ago and now we are here with our kids?" that it really sank in.  You just never know what the future holds but I'd have to say I never dreamed of sitting in  this tiny, smoky little place with our 3 and 5 year old.  It was as busy, smoky, loud and cheap as ever.....but oh so much sweeter to introduce it to our children.  Who knows, maybe they will bring their kids there one day.  We might just tag along.......

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