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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Price You Pay

Living as an Expat is an amazing experience. Like so many things in life though it comes at a cost. Expats all have one thing in common. At some stage they have stood at the bottom of the aerobridge in a strange land with a bewildered expression thinking "now what?" Just that commonality seems to be enough to strike up a conversation with any expat here. One of the hardest things about heading over to a new country is leaving your family behind. So it is only natural that something you must do while away is find a new one. I don't mean replace the old one, just surround yourself with people that you can rely on and share both the good and the bad. There is no point coming over and living an isolated existence. You just won't make it. We have been lucky enough to have been embraced by the most wonderful "family here. Last night we celebrated the farewell of 4 of them. This wonderful family of 4 have only been in our lives a short time but have made a huge impact. Last night was a credit to the people they are as guest after guest recounted stories and spoke with such fondness of them. I know they are sad to go and they in turn will be leaving some devastated people here but the class they showed last night was amazing. They reminded us all that this journey that we are all undertaking is life changing and unique and needs to be embraced. They remind me that to survive here you have to give a piece or your heart away and that one day you have to pay the price when those you care about take that piece home with them. Farewell my friends. I wish you a lifetime of happiness. See you in the cyber world!

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