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Friday, June 11, 2010

Mr Phea Update!

Regular readers of my Cambodian Blog will all remember Mr Phea. He is a wonderful Cambodian man whom we had the pleasure of using as our Tuk Tuk driver whilst we were living there late last year/early this year. Mr Phea's wife lives with him in Phnom Penh but his 4 year old daughter lives in the countryside with his family as they cannot afford to keep her with them in the city. In a nutshell he was having all sorts of issues with his motorbike (which the tuk tuk is attached to) and it looked likely that he may lose the family's sole source of income. With all of your help and very generous donations, we were able to raise some money for the family. In fact, we were able to donate $1000USD, which is in Cambodia, trust me, a LOT for a humble tuk tuk driver.
Well, little did we know the impact it has had. We thought we were helping him with this bike....instead, I think we have done something even more special. Please read the letter below that I received last week when Nick was back in Phnom Penh. See how you have changed a family's life. To all of those who donated, again, I thank-you from the bottom of my heart. I hope this makes you smile for the rest of the week because YOU made a difference.

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